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Compliance: Ensuring Your Business Thrives Legally

"You're not in the cannabis business. You're in the compliance business."


This phrase resonates deeply with us and encapsulates the essence of the marijuana industry. While navigating the promising world of cannabis can be exhilarating, ensuring compliance with Maine laws and local ordinances is the cornerstone of lasting success.

Tammie Snow is a pioneering figure as one of the first lawyers in Maine to work with cannabis businesses. She has been hands-on in ensuring both recreational and medical marijuana businesses operate within the legal framework and in working the Office of Cannbis Policy when problems arise.


Her involvement didn’t stop at guidance; she was an active participant in the campaign that successfully championed the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maine.

Partner with us and benefit from a legacy of expertise and commitment. With the Law Office of Tammie Snow, your business isn’t just about thriving—it's about leading with compliance.

You are not in the Cannabis Business.
You are in the compliance business.

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