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cannabis business law & conflict resolution

Solving Sticky Situations

Cannabis Business Law & Conflict Resolution

Tammie Snow, Your Maine Cannabis Attorney

Tammie Snow
Your Maine Cannabis Attorney


Tammie Snow, your Maine cannabis attorney, is more than just a legal advisor; She's your partner in the world of cannabis business law.


With deep roots in Maine's cannabis laws, Tammie is here to guide you through every step of your venture.


From getting your business off the ground, ensuring you're always compliant, to fostering collaborative solutions during disputes, Tammie is by your side.


Our focus isn't just on the law—it's on understanding your vision and helping it thrive. 

Like any business partnership, cannabis business partners sometimes come to an impasse.  We help our clients resolve their cannabis business disputes collaboratively, saving them the time and money involved in lengthy litigation.

Business Disputes

Business Formation

Cannabis businesses are unique. They are illegal under federal law while legal under Maine law. A cannabis business should never rely on generic Internet templates. We know how to navigate the complex legal landscape in which cannabis businesses operate. We help you form your business entity, creating formation documents and contracts that are tailored to you.  

Tammie Snow was one of the first attorneys in Maine to provide legal services to the Maine cannabis industry. Whether your business is in the medical marijuana market or the recreational market, we have deep knowledge of Maine marijuana laws. In the end, you are not in the cannabis business -- you are in the compliance business. We can help you with everything, from ensuring that your prospective business location complies with local ordinances and deed restrictions, to helping with your local and state license applications.


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