Smoke on the water? Nope.

The Coast Guard is saying that it will fine or even arrest people with cannabis onboard boats in coastal waters.

Park rangers could do the same in Acadia National Park, which is federal land.

FYI. Maine lakes are not overseen by the federal government. Therefore, possession of cannabis on a lake is legal under Maine law.

But, please, don't drive a boat while impaired.

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NOTICE: While growing, selling, and using medical marijuana is legal in Maine, it is prohibited under federal law. The federal government may at any time prosecute marijuana possession and sales.

Growing, possessing, and using marijuana for recreational use is legal in Maine with certain restrictions. However, it is still a crime under federal law. 

The federal government classifies marijuana as a Class I substance, carrying the highest penalties for possession and sales.

The legal advice that I provide is not intended to assist you with violating or complying with any federal laws.

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