Your Business and OSHA

Just like any other business, your cannabis business must comply with OSHA regulations if you have employees.

OSHA has some record-keeping exceptions for companies with fewer than ten employees, but its safety regulations apply to all businesses – even businesses that the federal government does not recognize as legal.

As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping the workplace safe for your employees. OSHA’s goal is to make sure you do that.

Fines can be high -- up to $7,000 per serious violation and soon to rise to $12,500.

OSHA has been inspecting cannabis-related businesses in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Those inspections have usually ended in fines. Fines can be high – up to $7,000 per serious violation and soon to rise to $12,500.

As a cannabis business owner, you must be up-to-date on OSHA requirements. When Maine’s recreational rules and regulations come out, you will also need to know and comply with the safety standards that are in them.

Start your business by being compliant and then stay complaint.

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NOTICE: While growing, selling, and using medical marijuana is legal in Maine, it is prohibited under federal law. The federal government may at any time prosecute marijuana possession and sales.

Growing, possessing, and using marijuana for recreational use is legal in Maine with certain restrictions. However, it is still a crime under federal law. 

The federal government classifies marijuana as a Class I substance, carrying the highest penalties for possession and sales.

The legal advice that I provide is not intended to assist you with violating or complying with any federal laws.

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