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Medical Cannabis Legal Information

I want to grow medical cannabis to sell. How can I do that in Maine?

There are two ways to legally grow medical cannabis to sell. You can register as a medical marijuana caregiver or you can become licensed as a medical marijuana dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers

Caregivers are the small businesses of the Maine medical cannabis market. They can grow cannabis and sell to certified patients, other caregivers, and dispensaries. They can also manufacture cannabis products and open one medical cannabis store if they are in a town with an ordinance allowing those activities. Caregivers are registered as individuals and cannot join with other caregivers. There are limits on how much they can grow.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensaries are the big businesses of the market. They don't have cultivation limits, and multiple people can be on the same license. A dispensary license allows cultivation, product manufacturing, and multiple stores. Dispensaries can only open in towns that have ordinance opting in to allowing them.

Do I have to be a Maine resident?




How much can a caregiver grow?


When you apply for a caregiver registry card, you choose how much you intend to grow. You can choose to grow by plant count — anywhere from 6 to 30 flowering plants. Or you can grow by flowering plant canopy — 500 square feet.

How much does it cost to get registered or licensed?

Caregiver Annual Registration Fees




A caregiver can also register as a non-cultivating caregiver. This license allows the caregiver to buy flower and product wholesale and resell to patients without cultivating any marijuana.


Some municipalities also require licensing and charge an annual license fee.


Dispensary Annual Licensing Fees

$5,000. Some municipalities also require licensing and charge an annual license fee.

What medical conditions qualify a patient for medical marijuana certification in Maine?f

Any condition that a certifying health care provider thinks that medical cannabis will help.

Can you help me work with my town?

Yes. I can look at ordinances and restrictions, help you with license and permit applications, and go with you to planning board meetings, if needed.


Can you help me with my state application?



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